Thursday, June 9, 2016

Amanda: Final Project Day 3

Amanda Bradley
Chemistry 1a
Day 3
         Today in class Esme and I finished up our project. We split the work well I think, because last night Esme worked on the diorama and today in flex before class I finished the poster. Esme and I did the finishing touches on the poster and the diorama today in class and started on the artist statement that we finished for homework. We didn't have any conflicts today, we were mostly working and finishing up the poster and diorama and seeing what else we could do to make our work better. Esme and I work well together because we have a lot of the same ideas and we did two drafts before this so that was super helpful. We talk a lot about what we should do for our project which helps the end result a lot and it makes everything very clean and neat. Other than that, there was nothing new today for class, and we are excited to share our poster and diorama tomorrow in class. 

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