Monday, June 6, 2016

Amanda's First Post: First Night of Project

Amanda Bradley
Chemistry 1a
Day 1: Brainstorming
        Today in class, Esme and I scanned the rubric and the description document thinking of what we could do. We wanted to do something more creative than just a poster that we drew on, so we thought of a sculpture or a video. Videos would be a really long shot in the time frame that we have in class and our outside of school schedules. We are not allowed to do a sculpture unless we have already finished with our poster. We decided to do a collage, and this class we found all of our notes from that section and started compiling all of them to make a type of infographic-comic-thing. That was most of today, finding the illustrations we were going to use and how we are going to collage it all. We thought that it would be a lot easier to get our point across using a mix of collage and ink because some of the topics we must show are too intricate for cut out photos. Our goal is to finish as much as we can on the poster on Wednesday and try to do the sculpture/diorama on Thursday or in a tutorial. So far Esme and I are working really well together on this and I am excited to work more on Wednesday.

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