Monday, June 6, 2016

Esme's First Post: First Night of Project

Esme Schulte 
Chemistry 1a
Day 1:
Today in class Amanda and I went over the instructions, guidelines, and rubric for the final project as well as the information provided regarding the topic we chose. We used the last part of class to brainstorm ideas about how we can make our project creative while at the same time explaining our topic in a way that people understand. In order to make our project interesting and creative, we decided to make a collage explaining electron orbitals and photon energy. At first, we wanted to make a sculpture but then we realized that would take a lot of effort and we didn’t have enough time for that. We then thought that we should make a stop motion video but we also realized that like the sculpture, that would take more time than we have. Instead, we are going to make a diorama of an atom made out of clay, wire and foam balls. Our poster will be a mix of drawings and collage. After we finalized our idea we spent the rest of the class period sketching out what the poster will look like on a piece of paper. Tomorrow we are going to start finding and printing images for our collage. On Wednesday when we return to class we will finish finding and printing images and we will start to put our poster together. Then after school, we are planning on going to get the materials for the diorama.

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