Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Esme's Second Post: Second Night of Project

Esme Schulte
Chemistry 1a

Day 2: 
Today in class Amanda and I sketched out our poster on a practice piece and we went over it with working out all the issues we might have had. After we did that then we outlined in pencil our final poster draft. Amanda and I have been working really well together. Amanda and I both contribute ideas and share the workload. Amanda was really generous by offering her entire flex block to work on the poster. WE are a great team and I wouldn't change anything. After school, I decided to go and get some of the materials we needed for the diorama and Amanda decided to go get stickers for out poster. The diorama would be the element Argon. It represents an atom of Argon and because we aren't making a poster about the whole atom and jus the electrons our diorama will on consist of the electrons. I went to an arts and crafts store and bought these small, dense foam balls to represent the electrons and some metal rings that would serve as the energy levels. I took these materials home and spray painted the metal rings black and the electrons yellow.I then drilled holes in the electrons so that the could go on the rings. Tonight, I will start to put the electrons on the rings and connect them together but that depends on how long it takes. Tomorrow Amanda and I plan on finishing the poster and diorama. We are going to color in our poster and finish up everything that needs to be done on the diorama. Hopefully, we won't run into any problems but if we do I think that we will be fine because we have a lot of time to work. 

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