Thursday, June 9, 2016

Esme's Third Post: Third Night of Project

Esme Schulte
Chemistry 1a
Day 3:
Today in class Amanda and I finished most of our project and most of the artist statement. In flex, Amanda worked on the poster by outlining everything in black marker and adding stickers. Then in Chemistry class, we worked on finishing the diorama and we also worked on adding more color to the poster and once we did that we re-read our story to see if there was anything we left out. Turns out that a very small part of out topic was on sharing electrons. While Amanda drew out an example of the process of sharing electrons on the poster, I worked on the artist statement by describing what our poster looked like and why we decided to make it like that. I went into depth on explaining the topic our poster is trying to get across. I spent the rest of class doing that. For homework, Amanda  added some final touches and explanations to the artist statement and we will both read over what we wrote to make sure that it is all good. Amanda and I are a really great team, we work well together and we also are always willing to give up our time to work on the project when the other person can't which I think is a really important quality in our partnership and without it I don't think that our project would be as good as it is. Tomorrow in class we are going to print out our artist statement and complete the reflections.

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